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Tracing a debtor or skip tracing a debtor is very different from tracing other people as the subject is trying to be evasive normally and some are being highly evasive to attempt to not pay back th debt with any debt recovery action against them. With this in mind, you need to select a specialist debtor tracing company that has specific techniques to trace debtors and to be able to work out evasive tactics if they have been employed.


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For instance, many debtors will attempt to place all bills and other credit applications in their partner’s name to attempt to not create a credit agency footprint at the new address. An agency like Find UK People is very experienced in debtor tracing and has a very high success rate at tracing the subject debtor the first time round.

We will now summarise some tips for you to help with tracing any debtor you may be attempting to locate.


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Name of the Debtor

It may sound obvious but having a full name is crucial and that includes any middle name of the subject debtor. The name can be verified with identity documents you may have copies of for example in a tenancy application, sometimes when viewed the name may vary slightly in the application to the identity documents so please make any debtor tracing agency aware of this in the debt tracing application.


Debtors Date of Birth

A date of birth is a key piece of information for locating a debtor as it will help to identify that the name-matched person a debt trace company finds is the correct person who matches with the correct date of birth. It is not full proof but will go a long way to eliminate any potential matches that do not match the debtor’s date of birth.


Debtors Old Address

When a debt tracing company has an old address they can look at credit agency data and see the address link from the old address to the new address for the subject which shows a direct link for the name from the old address to the new address and this is a very good basis to trace the subject debtor and to know where they have moved to very fast. This makes the old address crucial to trace a debtor’s address fast and accurately.


Debtors Partners Name

Many debtors will use their partners for credit applications and bill payments for two reasons. One is where the subject debtor has such bad credit due to non-payment of bills that they have to use their partner’s name otherwise they will not be accepted for any application. Secondly, many debtors employ an evasive tactic of placing all bills in their partner’s name to attempt to not lay down a credit or tracing footprint.

So having a partner’s name will help to locate a missing debtor as one or the other will need to settle bills at their new property and one of them will lay down a credit footprint.


Debtors Telephone Number

Having a telephone number will help an agency such as Find UK People to locate a subject as our tracing technology allows us to reverse search a mobile telephone and display all associated addresses to that number.

This technology will show addresses that have been used in a consented application and other footprint data and allows us to show addresses for the subject for us to base our debtor tracing investigations on.



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