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Discover who owns a U.K. property
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Property Ownership Details

Key Features:

  • Provides ownership details for a specified address
  • Enables you to ascertain the proprietor of any U.K. property
  • Operates within the U.K. exclusively
  • Services typically completed within 30 working days, with results emailed within 7 working days
  • Complex or evasive cases may extend the timescale to 45 working days


Find UK People® delivers a proficient, efficient, and regulatory-compliant method to uncover the ownership details of a specified property in the U.K. Our service provides details about the owner of the property.


Find UK People® provides investigative services based on a fee-for-service model, wherein fees are charged for the time expended on research, regardless of the outcome. Due to variability in individual financial circumstances and data sources, the content of the reports may vary.

The service includes up to three property ownership searches in England & Wales for the purpose of financial background checks or pre-litigation reports. Prices listed exclude VAT, and the data supplied depends on its availability in our third-party datasets.

While our services are executed with utmost integrity, they may not fully reflect the subject's status or asset ownership, as we report based on our third-party data sources and associated investigations.

Please note that Find UK People® cannot supply personal data such as bank account details, National Insurance data, DVLA data, or HMRC data sources, in compliance with U.K. data protection regulations. Confidentiality of your search is maintained where permissible and appropriate.

We recommend consultation with a solicitor or relevant professionals for understanding and interpreting the reports. The procurement of our services signifies your agreement to this disclaimer and our standard terms of service.

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