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Complete Property Ownership Portfolio

Key Features:

  • Provides comprehensive property ownership data for a specified individual - as available
  • Discloses all properties owned by the subject in the per available data
  • Details include property ownership information
  • High-quality investigative services with an expert-led search, utilizing a robust network of data sources
  • Operates exclusively within the U.K.
  • Efficient service typically completed within 30 working days, with most results emailed within 7 working days
  • Complex or evasive cases may extend the timescale to 30 working days


The 'Complete Property Ownership Portfolio' service offered by Find UK People® is a rigorous, efficient, and regulatory-compliant method to identify all properties owned by a specified individual within the U.K. as shown on datasets. This comprehensive service provides detailed information about each property, including ownership data.

Utilizing a powerful combination of electronic and private investigation methods, we scour all available data sources, aiming to provide a complete property ownership overview for the subject of the search. This diligent process allows us to discover the full extent of the subject's property ownership across the U.K., providing invaluable insights for a range of purposes, from legal matters to financial assessments.

Our dedicated team of expert investigators conducts each search meticulously, ensuring accuracy and confidentiality. The result is a comprehensive report outlining all properties associated with the named subject as shown on all available datasets in the UK.


The 'Complete Property Ownership Portfolio' service is offered on a fee-per-case basis, where our fees are charged for the comprehensive search process irrespective of the outcome. All prices listed exclude VAT and are subject to our standard terms of service.

While our services are delivered in utmost good faith, they are subject to the availability and limitations of our data sources. Please note that the procurement of our services signifies your agreement to this disclaimer and our standard terms of service.

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