How to check a new partner


This article will outline how to check a new partner. A new partner will disclose their details early on in a relationship either online during initial online dating conversations or in person on a first date. Sometimes though, something does not seem right and there can be a requirement to check and verify the details given to make sure the details given are correct giving confidence that the person is who they say they are.

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The problem of a new partner “telling the truth”

It’s an all too common problem that the new flame you have met may not be telling you the whole truth or worse still all the details about them are false or fake. Sometimes it is just that they are nervous to give a new person in their lives all the details about them with nothing further of concern but sometimes there can be more to it such as the dater is married and attempting to hide this from their new love interest. Sometimes it is more concerning and they have more sinister intentions such as romance scamming or financial fraud or worse. 

There can be good reason also and withholding or changing personal details is not always for bad reason, sometimes people give false details in the beginning of a relationship such as for protecting children purposes or other relations that have an interest in that person but are not connected romantically to them.

To note though, on many occasions it can be a red flag that someone is not telling the truth when beginning a relationship after all truth is the cornerstone to any successful relationship.


What details to obtain from someone to verify

If you meet someone and you need to verify their details (How to check a new partner) then there is a solution from Find UK People. The new partner verification service will check the supplied details to make sure the subject exists and does not co-habit or is married to a significant other. This will confirm that the details given are true and correct and show on reliable data sets recently and that the subject is not showing as connetcted to another significant romance interest.


The typical details Find UK People would need to verify are as follows (but can be partial)

  • Name of the person
  • Date of birth

With these two pieces of information we can check the person exists and it is a true reflective person that matches with the same name and corresponding date of birth.


Next this information on the new partner is useful

  • Phone number
  • Address

With these two pieces of information we can check the person is the registered keeper of the phone and the address given is correct and resided at by the subject.


Once Find UK People has matched and verified that the new love interest exists and matches to official data sets in the UK, they will then search cohabitation and marriage records to see if the subject lives with (and for how long) a partner at the supplied address. Although due to GDPR compliance we will not release the new address or name of the partner we will confirm if there is a suspected partner or person in cohabit.

Obviously this data is only indicative but it allows you to understand the true picture and allows for a more transparent conversation. If the details given do not match any person in the UK we will supply this data confirmation to you which will allow you to investigate the matter further and red flag the details given as not matching any person in the UK. This can prevent you meeting up or exposing yourself further to someone that does not match in personal details given to any person registered in the UK,

This is the fastest way to confirm if the details given in a online dating scenario are correct and if the person is who they say they are. It will confirm that the person is being honest in their dealings with you and although it only confirms that the details given are correct that goes a long way to confirm any suspicions and allows you to then verify those details with corresponding ID documents to verify the information is correct.


How to check a new partner, ID documentation



How to check a new partner, verbally stated details



Make sure to obtain ID verification after our confirmation (How to check a new partner) is completed to make sure the person is not just impersonating another valid person in the UK (as above)

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